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Sunday, July 10, 2005

consumer rating of digital cameras

Late again because of digital camera (Arkansas News Bureau)
When picture-worthy events occur, my family is usually a little late because we only have one digital camera. This weekend we’ve got three holiday cookouts in three days. We were generally prepared Friday.
Digital music sets the beat of next mobile phone bonanza (AFP via Yahoo! News)
With camera phones already sliding into yesterday’s news category, digital music is rapidly becoming the new Eldorado of the mobile phone industry.
A cell phone that does it all / New models to combine music player, Web access, higher-res camera, PDA (San Francisco Chronicle)
Cell phones have long wanted to emulate that other utilitarian godsend, the Swiss army knife, but there have been compromises aplenty along the way. The cell phone may work fine, but the camera is puny. The organizer is smooth, but the music player, if…

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